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If you are a Pilot Car Driver we would love to add you to our database of available cars for oversized freight in your service area. Please fill out our form to be considered with B4 Pilot Cars.


If you are a trucking company with oversized freight in need of Pilot Cars for part, or all of your trip please fill out our form so we can match you with available Pilot Cars in our database.


B4 Pilots has a huge network of pilot car companies and drivers throughout the lower 48 states. We are up to date with all requirements such as time restrictions, national holiday closures, road closures, and areas that are prohibited on weekends. B4 Pilots check all necessary documents including insurance and licenses before dispatching pilot cars on any loads. We also have our pilots sign a rate confirmation, we are not one of those fly by night pilot services. We do everything by the book and very professionally to ensure the best service possible on both ends. Let B4 pilots take the extra work of finding a pilot out of your hands so you can get back to what your best at, servicing your customer, we can handle the rest.