B4 Pilot Cars provides trucking companies with pilot cars as well as helping pilot cars find loads. In the past we brokered the loads and set up the pilot cars for trucking companies, charging our brokerage fees on top. This way you can work direct, saving the trucking companies money and putting more money in the pilot cars hands. With our system you can either submit your quote via text directly to the trucking companies or simply contact the truck with the information provided. That way if you’re on a run or a load, you are still able to conduct business. Just make sure you are logged into the site on your smart phone or PC.

pilot cars

A Little History

As a division of B4 Logistics, B4 Pilot Cars has been providing professional pilot car service for over 4 years.  We take the worry out of your dispatchers having to call around in areas they are not familiar with, which costs your company time, money and frustration. Let us take the headache of finding a pilot out of your hands, so you are able to spend more time with your customers. 

How We Got Here..

B4 Logistics Inc, in conjunction with B4 Pilots, has created an interactive website in which you can book and post your loads for free.  You would be in direct contact with the trucks. And on the other end, put trucking companies in direct contact with the pilot cars. Taking us out of the middle! Which could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

It Was Time For Change

Once you subscribe you will get live time alerts. These alerts come with a link to be able to see the live loads. Once you log in on your mobile device through our website, you will be able to instantly open the link and give your bid. If the trucking company accepts the bid, they will be in contact with you.


First and foremost we have customer support, very few in this industry have the time or resources to provide customer service. Here at B4 we care about your experience. Whether it is figuring out how to create an account or if you need help on landing loads we are here to provide service. Our customer service is made up of former Heavy Haul dispatcher that have knowledge of the industry, not some call center reading off a script.